Gartner released its  big data survey recently, reinforcing some of the long-held beliefs surrounding big data, and backing them up with survey evidence.

”While the survey primarily focuses on companies currently working with Gartner, it’s still a broad and impressive overview of the industry due to the sheer number and variety of businesses involved.”

Staggering big data potential
One of the most striking results to come out of the survey was that 64 percent of companies are planning or have already implemented big data systems. This is a significant number, demonstrating as it does a genuine drive within companies to adopt the latest systems. The fact that more than half of respondents are looking at new ways to use data, and investigating new data science initiatives, will mean a massive boost for industry growth.

This is especially pertinent when discussing the future of the industry, as this 64 percent represents overall plans for implementation. Perhaps surprisingly, only eight per cent of those who are planning on implementing big data solutions have actually made moves towards it. This 92 percent gulf represents a long list of potential clients for consultants, suppliers of cloud database products and technology providers.

The 92 percent potential is a sign of the longevity we can expect from the big data industry in the next decade. Far from a flash in the pan, with this kind of demand and potential revenue, big data investments will be safer, and the industry will have a better foundation for growth.

Banking and media are the industries making the biggest strides in this area. That these are also two traditionally affluent industries is unsurprising, but the example of the banking sector especially gives clear evidence that there’s a business case for utilizing this technology, and a definite profit to be made.